Selasa, 22 Desember 2009

First Steel Cutting for QPS & FPS PTTEP Bongkot 4A Project

PTT Exploration & Production Public Co., Ltd (PTTEP), Thailand has planning for the development of Greater Bongkot South (GBS) Field, in order to maintain the gas production of the field and possibly to increase Greater Bongkot field.
Greater Bongkot South (GBS) is located some 70 km to the South-East of the existing Greater Bongkot North (GBN) gas processing facilities, in water-depths ranging from 58-70 m. Development is currently planned to be developed in 2 phases, Phase 4A and 4B.
Greater Bongkot North (GBN) Field, the field is located offshore in the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 180 km South East of the Erawan gas field, 150 km off the eastern coast of Thailand, 180 km North East of the town of Songkhla. The current production capacity of the field is 550 MMSCF DCQ.
For this Bongkot field development phase 4A, PTTEP has awarded PT Gunanusa Utama Fabricator as the EPCI contractor for the supply of Quarter Platform South (QPS) and the Flare Tower (FPS). QPS comprises a four legged jacket and a living quarter module with 160 beds, including all the necessary utilities for normal operation and emergency services.
These both QPS & FPS offshore facilities will be certified under Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services (GLIS) certification scheme, where the certification scheme covering design engineering review, certification for the materials and equipment at the vendor mills, fabrication/construction/load out certification and offshore installation certification. Germanscher Lloyd Nusantara, Indonesia has been awarded to act as the Certifying Authority for this project supported by GL Malaysia as the technical office for the design engineering review and GL global network to perform certification of materials and equipments which procured from the vendor over the world.
The objective of GL is to certify that the facilities are safe to be operated for their intended purpose and that the integrity of the facilities will not be impaired. Thus, the final deliverable for this project will be one Certificate of Fitness for QPS and one Certificate of Structure for FPS jacket.
On 22 December 2009, ceremonial celebration for first steel cutting has successfully conducted at the PT Gunanusa Utama Fabrication yard, Cilegon, Indonesia. Ceremony was attended by PTTEP Project Management Team, PT Gunanusa Utama Fabricator and also Germanischer Lloyd Nusantara representatives as the Certifying Authority. Ceremony was opened at around 11.30 am, with opening speech by PT Gunanusa yard Safety Manager and Construction Manager following by PTTEP Representative, and then first steel cutting was carried out. Upon successfully run of the cutting machine, the ceremonial was followed by cutting of the tumpeng rice (an Indonesian traditional rice, made especially for ceremonial party).
This tumpeng rice is representing the hope of all parties, for a successful achievement…. Of course, a pray was flown up to the God for a great success of this project....

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